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  • Ende Januar: Trauermantel (Nymphalis antiopa)
    United StatesUnited States /PicturesNA/Misc/snow_16_16_edc401.png selten, überwinternd
    Falter (überwinternd)
For species protection reasons, finding places of butterflies on maps are accidentally moved by a maximum of 1 kilometers.

Compton Tortoise ShellNymphalis vaualbum (Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775)Nymphalis l-albumPolygonia vau-albumVanessa l-albumPolygonia l-albumRoddia l-albumRoddia vaualbumRoddia v-albumRoddia j-albumCompton TortoiseshellFalse CommaCompton Tortoise Shell

Nymphalis vaualbum ssp. japonica

[55 mm]

Collection: Museum Alexander Koenig, Bonn

Subcollection: Dr. R. Bender

Catching: Tian Shan-Gebirge, KazakhstanTian Shan-Gebirge, KazakhstanKazakhstan (5. July 1980)

Photograph: Ingo DanielsIngo Daniels (23. October 2009)