Stadium, Anfang Februar 2023 in United States

  • Anfang Februar: Trauermantel (Nymphalis antiopa)
    United StatesUnited States /PicturesNA/Misc/snow_16_16_edc401.png selten, überwinternd
    Falter (überwinternd)
For species protection reasons, finding places of butterflies on maps are accidentally moved by a maximum of 1 kilometers.

Green CommaPolygonia faunus (Edwards, 1862)Nymphalis faunusGreen Comma

Polygonia faunus

[45,5 mm; Female]

Catching: Mike LeskiMike Leski leg.; Nord-du-Québec, CanadaNord-du-Québec, CanadaCanada (11. August 2009 , 12:34 PM)

Photograph: Norbert KondlaNorbert Kondla (2009)